A Brief Talk On The Selection Of The Three Major Parts Of The Sound System---The Choice Of Amplifier And Sound Source

- Jul 14, 2020-

1. Is the audio source important? How big is the difference?

In fact, the answer is very simple and very important! I have tried some audio sources, but the difference is actually quite big. If you have heard of high-end audio sources, low-end audio sources are estimated to be unsustainable, huh, huh

Personally, it is necessary for the sound system to choose a sound source that is as good as possible when the budget is sufficient. However, if it is not true, then choose the one that is economical and practical according to the recommendation of the question.

2. Which audio source is better?

It is estimated that this is my answer will make people fall into disrespect. According to the audio source I have heard, it is ranked according to my favorite sound quality, which is about: master tape>high-end vinyl>ordinary vinyl>advanced tape drive>SACD+decoding>digital turntable DSD+decoding>high-end CD>digital turntable lossless+decoding >Mid-end pure CD player>Blu-ray player>Advanced portable machine>Computer + decoder>hifi mobile phone or low-end portable>Ordinary mobile phone>Bluetooth>FM radio

Of course, different products will cause some differences and also affect the ranking, but the overall problem is not big. It is estimated that the above ranking will make many people controversial. Welcome to discuss it below, as long as you have heard it yourself instead of just wanting it.

Generally speaking, convenience and sound quality are contradictory, which is very similar to speakers. The most convenient is undoubtedly the radio, Bluetooth, and ordinary mobile phones, but undoubtedly, the sound quality is also the worst, and it is basically no problem to meet the requirements of hifi. Hifi phones are quite different now, the best ones are very close to the mid-range portable sound quality, such as lg g7. The form of computer encryption and decoding (that is, pc hifi) is a form that many people like, but according to the author's practice, the sound quality of this source is really not very good. It is said that after adding the interface, it can reach the level of the digital dial (this author has not heard of it). However, there is more than a thousand interfaces on the Internet, and there is more than a thousand digital dials (some of which are hundreds), so you can figure it out for yourself.

One thing to say here is that the low-end CD is not necessary. According to the author's comparison, the Blu-ray player is the most economical audio source-of course, you have to pay the long-term cost of buying discs for this.

The digital turntable is a highly recommended audio source, which is convenient and affordable. The sound from the built-in decoding or external decoding can be completely used, and it will not be lost in the form of a CD player. Especially when playing SACD format music, the effect is very good. And the influence of brand factors is not so great. However, all of these, in front of the analog audio source, even if it is a tape, there is a gap. The premise is a good tape and machine. The sound quality brought by the master tape machine and vinyl, especially the high-end vinyl, is still the best sound source in the audio system. However, it is also the most inconvenient. Although it seems that the indicators are not excellent, the effect is two different things.

3. How much money do you need to invest in audio sources?

This problem is actually rich and frugal, as long as you choose the right one, it will not be too bad. I use a digital turntable with built-in decoding played by a great god "amateur" myself. The effect is very good. According to my own evaluation, there will not be too much less than 10,000 yuan, but the price is less than 2,000 yuan. Mobile phones are not good.

If you are not afraid of the later costs of buying a CD, the Blu-ray player is quite good, but you need the Japanese type with RCA output, such as Sony and Sharp. Of course, oppo can also be, but it is more expensive.

I'm really scared because I want to be convenient and think about it, such as using a computer to encode and decode. This is difficult, even if you pay a lot of money.

4. Among the audio sources, what is most important?

Recording is the most important! Recording is the most important! Recording is the most important! Say the important thing three times, ha ha

The editor has seen many people who are extremely obsessed with the digital format to the point where they care about DSD64 or DSD256. But it doesn't really care about the original recording! Many good recordings, even if the mp3 format (320k) is still very good, if you don't compare them carefully, you can't feel the difference between it and the lossless.

The original master and post-mixing, track grabbing and compression also play a key role in it. The reason why many online resources sound quality is unreliable is related to this. Many of them use buns CD, the effect is really impossible (don't tell me, the digital sound source is the same, unless you never practice, just by thinking).

However, the original recording is really the most important. There is a problem in front, that is, congenital disability, and then hard work can not help.