2020 Desktop Speaker Audio Getting Started Selection Guide

- Jun 10, 2020-


I usually play games at home and watch big movies with headphones. After a long period of time, the hearing loss is obvious, and the ears still hurt, so I considered buying a stereo. I like the bass, the sense of rhythm, and the surging shock. This kind of effect, but I don’t know anything as an audio speaker, I don’t know what to buy. So I watched various audio evaluations on the Internet. Below are some of the audio introductory knowledge I learned and various audio recommendations at various price points. Share with everyone.

Introduction to audio science


The general audio channels are 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1. Stereo output through two channels is called 2.0 channel. On the basis of 2.0 channel, plus subwoofer is 2.1 channel, 5.1 channel is on 2.1 channel, plus two left and right surround channels and a center Channel, and 7.1 is to add two surround speakers between the main speakers and the surround back speakers. Surround effect 7.1 is the best and 2.0 is the worst. 2.0 is suitable for listening to music, 2.1 is suitable for watching movies and playing games, and 5.1 and 7.1 are generally used in home theaters.


Refers to the volume of sound that the speaker can emit after inputting a signal of a certain power. The sensitivity of general household speakers is between 83-92dB.

Frequency response

The range that human hearing can reach is about 20hz-20khz. The lower the frequency, the more the 20hz means that the bass dive is better. The actual speaker can't do 20hz. You can feel the 50hz frequency speaker is a good bass.

Signal to noise ratio

Should be ≥90db, the higher the signal-to-noise ratio value, the smaller the noise. Good sound can reach ≥100db.

Dynamic Range

Should be ≥90db, the higher the better. Good sound can reach ≥140db.

Power size

This depends on the specific situation. In general, home desktop audio should be at least 30W effective power. Generally speaking, the greater the power of products of the same price, the higher the cost performance.


The standard impedance is 8 ohms, and the impedance is usually 4 ohms, 5 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms, and 16 ohms. Generally, the higher the better.


The smaller the distortion, the better, usually within 3%, and the requirement is within 1%.

It's good to know the above content, it is not useful for purchasing products. When it comes to capital games, business competition, etc., you will find that the parameters of many expensive and cheap audio are not much different.

So how do we buy it?

Audio type

Passive speaker: It is a type of professional fever players to play, you need to buy various accessories to DIY your favorite sound. It is difficult to get started, the price is expensive, it is not recommended.

Active speakers: Built-in power amplifiers are the same as our common desktop speakers. This type of speaker is recommended today.

Box material

Divided into metal, solid wood, plastic. The good points of metal and solid wood, and the low quality of plastic. The solid wood is good-looking, the sound is relatively natural and soft, suitable for listening to classical music; the heavy metal, the sound is relatively sensitive and solid, suitable for listening to modern music.

Number of speakers

The common one has one speaker and two speakers. There are more. The more speakers, the finer the sound division, the better the overall sound effect, and the more expensive it is.

Sound size

It is measured according to the size of the speaker. The common ones are 2 inches to 8 inches. In theory, the larger the size, the greater the power, the wider the frequency range, the more bass, and the stronger the sense of rhythm. For common household use, choose 4-5 inches.

Inverted hole: designed for better bass dive.

No inverted hole: the sound is extremely clean and responsive, suitable for professional monitoring work;

Labyrinth inverted phase hole: with medium and low frequency thick space infection color, suitable for classical music lovers;

Rear inverted phase hole: with a sense of envelopment and shock, suitable for watching movies and playing games;

Pre-phase inverted hole: the timbre conforms to the general aesthetics and is suitable for listening to music;



He has developed and manufactured professional audio equipment and related electronic products for companies such as Harman Kardon, Gibson, and Apple. In HiFi, bookshelf speakers and home audio-visual fields are far less famous than top brands such as Dana and TANNOY, but they are well-known in computer speakers.

Bowers & Wilkins Bauer Weijian United Kingdom

The main high-end route, the price is more than 400 US dollars.

KEF United Kingdom

The British hall-level HiFi audio brand, the killer is its leading global Uni-Q technology. Fashion design is KEF's biggest selling point besides sound quality. The main high-end route, the price is more than 400 US dollars.

BOSE United States

It is one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the United States and the home theater brand with the largest market share in Europe and America. It is the only designated commercial speaker on the US Space Shuttle, and the BOSE audio is used at the Barcelona Opera House and the Sydney Olympics venues. Mainly focusing on the direction of surround sound, its Bluetooth speaker products are full of black technology, and a single speaker can show the ability of 360° sound field. Mainly in the high-end market.

HarmanKardon United States

Harman Kardon is the top speaker brand in the United States and has now been acquired by Samsung Group. The world's first true high-fidelity receiver and the first stereo receiver are all from the company, and it is the main audio supplier of luxury car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Harman Kardon's speakers are not well-known for their sound quality, and its users buy their exterior designs more.

JBL United States

Together with Harman Kardon, it belongs to Harman Group and is the world's largest professional speaker manufacturer. The main feature is the portable Bluetooth speaker, which is characterized by youth. The trendy appearance and popular color matching are favored by young consumers. In addition to professional monitor-grade products and home theaters, consumers who pursue sound quality recommend choosing other brands.

Hivi Guangdong

China's first audio manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing HiFi speakers. The speakers are also used by many famous European and American audio manufacturers, such as Totem in the United States and the famous Berlin Voice. It is the most popular brand among Chinese HiFi DIY players.

EDIFIER Guangdong

At present, it is the first professional multimedia audio company in China and the second largest in the world. It focuses on the entry-level acoustic product market under $70.

Creative Singapore

Its computer speaker positioning is similar to that of Edifier, and it is mainly focused on entry level.