Why can speakers or speakers reproduce a variety of sounds (especially timbre)?

- Jan 13, 2020-

The physical + electronic circuit is mainly the mutual conversion of acoustic signals and electrical signals. To put it simply: The sound is generated by vibration and medium. The vibration generated by the sound signal causes the audio equipment to receive vibration. The vibration can generate the corresponding audio current in the current coil. The current is transmitted to the speaker. Amplifying circuits are used, which are generally triodes. Amplifying the current has the effect of sound amplification.) When the audio current passes through the coil of the speaker (also called voice coil), a corresponding magnetic field is generated in the voice coil. The magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets on the speakers generates an interaction force, so this force causes the voice coil to vibrate with the audio current in the magnetic field of the speakers' permanent magnets. The diaphragm of the speaker and the voice coil are connected together, so the diaphragm also vibrates. The vibration produces the same sound as the original audio signal waveform. The same waveform is the corresponding tone