What is car audio

- Sep 15, 2019-

The horn (speaker) is generally called the Horn of Africa and is an indispensable device for a sound system. Everything from "trumpet" people to listening to music and enjoying. As it enters "sound energy", the quality and angle of the equipment's electrical energy, and the sound characteristics of the entire sound system play a decisive role.

Horn has a more prominent sound system in the car. In order to show a good tone and direction, some speakers and their layout are very important criteria. Speakers and effects: In the field of car audio, people have been pursuing such effects: what they like to sit in front of the stage in the car is that all the sounds are used on the windshield, hair, eyes, and the feeling at the concert. The sound of each instrument, you can achieve the best effect of playback. This is often called professional Hi-Fi (high fidelity and high definition). The key to the ideal Hi-Fi effect is to synchronize the sound source and the magnification of the same frequency band as the signal. Home audio is not difficult. Since home audio frequency high school units are all amplified by the same amplifier in the same fixed frame and music signal, it is relatively easy to reduce the same proportion, achieving a good balance of sound quality. However, due to the limitations of different car audio installation locations, the subwoofer unit can usually only be installed in the luggage compartment, the bass unit can only be installed in front of the car, and the tweeter unit is usually installed near the A-pillar. This effect may just come to hear the treble and bass from the back of the same month, the Alto part is relatively weak. In addition, according to the requirements of different modules and power amplification, in general car audio, only a variety of amplifiers can be used to drive the speakers (the low-frequency part of many designs need to be amplified by multiple amplifiers), so the tone balance is difficult to reach a satisfactory level. . The number of speakers and mounting arrangements is one of the key factors in addressing these challenges.

The speaker volume determines the fineness of the assigned sound pointing, with a small roughness more. More advanced than ordinary car speakers car speakers. The installation position of the horn is often affected by the sound effect of the car audio. Two speakers with the same installation in different installation positions will have different effects. The installation position of the high-end car audio horn must undergo various tests to determine it. With the correct installation experience and skills through the number of speakers, to cope with the installation position of different bandwidth speakers, maintain a good direction, adjust the power amplifier with compatible technology, and finally achieve good results. The installation layout has a direct impact on the Hi-Fi effect from a professional perspective, with an excellent balance of high-fidelity sound quality. The front sound field effect (sound effect feels front), the position of the sound field (influenced by different sources in the field can be positioned Precision), spatial perception (feeling bass response with respect to spatial acoustic effects), playback effects (reducing high-fidelity acoustic effects), and audiovisual effects of (sound, intonation, and image quality results), respectively. Good underwater acoustic positioning (staging) largely depends on the settings around the driver's cab in front of the tweeter and midrange. Because the human auditory system is mainly in the audio part of the sound waves reach the left and right ear rate sound source position. A nearby tweeter and loudspeaker pillars installed in front of the door are only installed to achieve a coordinated and frequently matched midpoint to form a consistent, coordinated sound source. Considering the audience ’s left and right sound angles also depend on the position of the sound speakers, repeated calculations and precise adjustments are made to achieve good sound field positioning of the car audio. Therefore, the layout of car speakers for car stereo effects is very important.