What are the good brands of home audio Recommended home audio popular brands [detailed]

- Jan 02, 2020-

Audio plays an important role in our current life, especially for those who like music, we must choose a good home audio to use. The home audio market is still very popular, because there are still many home audio brands. I will introduce some good home audio brands below, which can effectively help us choose home audio and reduce our purchase. Difficulties in home audio.

1. Dr. Bose Audio, PhD Audiovisual System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 1964, an earlier speaker manufacturer, a global leader in audio technology, an integrated home audio and video system solution provider, and PhD Audiovisual (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Produced by the company.

2. Hivi Hivi, Hivi Audio is a famous speaker and speaker manufacturing multinational company, famous Hi-End audio advanced speaker manufacturer, Guangzhou Huiwei Electric Co., Ltd. produced.

3. Tannoy (Tianlang) was founded in 1926 and Tulsamir Manufacturing Company was established in London. Tannoy Audio has been maintaining innovation and successfully developing a revolutionary four-channel system.

4. JBL, Harman Audio (China) Co., Ltd., founded in the United States in 1946, is a global manufacturer of audio and infotainment products, and a large professional speaker manufacturer in the world, produced by Harman (China) Co., Ltd.

5. Shanshui Sansui, Shanshui was founded in Japan in 1944. It is a well-known speaker brand and one of the brands with great influence in China's audio industry. It is produced by Shanshui Electronics (China) Co., Ltd.

6, Jamo (Jumbo) audio, Denmark Jumbo is a large speaker manufacturer in Europe, is also one of the three major speaker manufacturers. Founded in 1968, since the establishment of Jamo, the belief in manufacturing speakers has been "in addition to having perfect music playback capabilities, it must also take into account the beautiful and elegant appearance.

1. Keep away from the mobile phone. For the protection of the speaker circuit, although your desktop audio can be placed at will, it must be kept away from mobile phones, cordless phones, TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens and other items. it is good. The placement of different appliances "well water does not violate river water" can well keep the circuits of each appliance from being damaged due to mutual interference.

2, the speaker placement is "suitable to local conditions." Some people have moved the speaker placement to the furniture because they had other furniture in the room. Correctly determine the listening distance first, and then place the speaker 1/3 between the seat and the wall. The speaker spacing is 0.7 times the direct distance between the listener and the speaker, and the height is preferably flush with the listener's ear and the tweeter.

The above is the introduction of some brands of home audio. I hope that it will help everyone to buy and understand the brand of home audio. Home audio is used very frequently in our daily life. When you buy it, it is best to choose a good brand. This will better ensure the effect of our use. At the same time, do not buy bad audio, not only the sound quality At the same time, the use of the product is not good.