Trial operation and debugging of public address system

- Sep 20, 2019-

After the equipment is installed and wired, the system will be preliminarily debugged. The debugging process and key points are generally as follows.

1. Do not turn on the power supply of broadcast power amplifier for the time being, turn on the power supply of other equipment one by one, and check whether it is normally powered on, whether there is overheating or smoke and other abnormal phenomena. If everything is normal, further check whether their functions are basically available. The program can be played by the sound source, and the signal modification processing equipment (signal compression, expansion equipment, equalizer, preamplifier, etc.) can be observed to see if there is signal indication. If there is, it means that these equipment are basically normal. Adjust the volume of the equipment that the program signal flows through to about 70% of the saturated output, so as to basically ensure the quality of the program signal and the signal-to-noise ratio of the system. Then check the function of the partition, listener and other devices, and turn off all partitions of the partition.

2. Turn off the volume of the broadcast power amplifier, turn on its power supply, wait for a while, and observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as power failure, overheating or smoke. Then gradually turn up the volume of broadcast power amplifier, and check whether the power amplifier has input and output by observing the signal indicator light.

When power on for the first time, observe whether the clip overload indicator of the broadcast power amplifier is normal, then turn on the corresponding zones one by one, and check whether there is sound playing out in all zones, and whether there is short circuit or overload. Finally, adjust the volume of the power amplifier to the appropriate position.

3. If all these tests are normal, the main work has been completed. Finally, the detailed functions of each equipment and system will be tested carefully.

4. Power on the equipment for a long time for aging, and generally the startup time shall be at least 60 minutes. During the aging process, someone must be on duty to observe and check the temperature rise every few minutes.

5. Appoint other staff to cooperate to check whether each loudspeaker is normal. During this period, the broadcasting equipment room must leave a guard to observe the operation status of the equipment.

6. When the broadcast power amplifier has a long-term alarm (generally overload or short circuit), the power amplifier shall be shut down quickly to troubleshoot the broadcast line and broadcast equipment.