The principle and application of karaoke microphone

- Sep 30, 2019-

Microphone is an important part of karaoke. It is very important to understand the principle of microphone and use microphone reasonably for playing karaoke function well and getting good sound effect.

At present, karaoke microphones widely used in commercial karaoke cabaret and family karaoke systems can be divided into wired and wireless karaoke microphones.

Wired karaoke microphone as the name suggests, the output signal of wired karaoke microphone is sent to the sound amplification device through a cable.

The commonly used wired karaoke microphone is mainly dynamic coil type. Its working principle is: when the sound wave acts on the diaphragm of the microphone to make it vibrate, the voice coil bonded on the diaphragm vibrates correspondingly in the air gap of the magnetic circuit, cutting the magnetic line of force, and generating the induced electromotive force in the voice coil. But the electromotive force of the microphone output is very low. Usually, a step-up transformer is equipped at the output end of the microphone to connect with the audio equipment.

Karaoke microphones are used in close range. In order to achieve good results, it is required that the microphone has special close talk effect and directional effect to improve performance and resist environmental interference. In other words, the sensitivity of the microphone changes with the distance of the sound source at the low frequency end: the closer the distance is, the higher the low frequency sensitivity is. The high-value karaoke microphone is also equipped with an explosion filter to minimize excessive breathing noise and banging, and realize complete and full sound reproduction. Another important feature of karaoke microphone is the control switch installed on the shell of the microphone, which enables you to achieve some special sound effects when singing. The specially designed anti vibration measures can effectively prevent the friction noise when holding, make your singing bass level clear, high voice bright and pleasant, soft and beautiful sound quality, full of appeal.

The family karaoke microphone is a representative product of cdk404 with metal shell, with black and silver gray options. Its main technical performance is as follows: frequency response is 100Hz-10KHz, output impedance is 600 Ω± 30%, free field sensitivity is - 54db (1kHz), weight is 300g.

Wireless karaoke microphone   because the cable of the wired karaoke microphone limits the free activity space of the singer, thus affecting the singer's passion performance and mobile range. Wireless karaoke microphone came into being.

The voice head of the wireless karaoke microphone converts the acoustic signal into an electrical signal. The electrical signal modulates a carrier, and the modulated carrier radio signal is transmitted by the antenna. After the radio signal is received by FM receiver, it is restored to sound signal and sent to karaoke machine. Most of the wireless karaoke microphones used at home have a transmitting frequency in the range of 88-l08mhz, aiming to save money by using a radio recorder with FM band as the receiving equipment of the wireless karaoke microphone. The power of the transmitter is not large, about 100MW, so as to avoid interference with other electrical equipment. The professional wireless karaoke microphone works in the high-end frequency band (150-216mhz) or UHF band (400-470MHz, 900-950mhz) of UHF, and is equipped with a special frequency modulation receiver. Wireless karaoke microphones all adopt FM system, because FM has the advantages of strong anti-interference, wide frequency characteristics, high fidelity, low noise, high transmitter efficiency, etc.