Safe use of machinery and equipment

- Nov 10, 2019-

1. Do not wet your hands and plug in the power plug to avoid electric shock.

2. When it is not used for a long time, please pull out the power plug from the power socket.

3. Do not let metal conductive substances such as iron needle, hairpin and coin fall into the machine to avoid damaging the machine.

4. When replacing the fuse of the machine, it shall be replaced in strict accordance with the requirements. It is strictly prohibited to use unqualified substitutes.

5. When the machine is in use, the chassis grounding point shall be safely grounded.

6. It is forbidden to operate the machine under overload or short circuit.

7. Generally, there is an auxiliary power socket on the back board of the civil power amplifier. Do not connect the electric appliances such as hair dryer and electric iron through it. It can only be used to connect the audio equipment.

8. In the constant voltage power amplifier, the output terminal will have a higher output voltage, and the output terminal leads are generally longer, so in use make sure that the output leads are safe and reliable.