Precautions for connection of stage audio equipment

- Oct 20, 2019-

Pay attention to the power supply of stage audio equipment:

The stage audio equipment should have a special power supply, which should be separated from the power supply of the light, and the light likes a lower voltage, but the sound needs a standard voltage. After having a special power supply, there should be a stable and reliable power socket. We can try to use the "Power Sequencer". Although the cost increases, it improves the stability and ease of use. In a word, it is very important to connect the power supply of all audio equipment correctly and reliably. There is another point to note: some imported professional audio equipment will have 110V and 220V selection switches in the power supply. In China, it is necessary to confirm that the selection is in the 220V position before connecting and energizing.

Pay attention to the grounding of stage sound equipment:

It is necessary to correctly connect the ground wire to all audio equipment, which can reduce the mutual interference of signal transmission between equipment and improve the stability of equipment. It should be noted that the grounding wire should be made according to the grounding standard of the lightning conductor, that is, the conductor buried in the underground part should be rust proof, well contacted and buried deep, and it should not be shared with the grounding wire configured by the three-phase power line, so as not only to reduce the noise in the sound system, but also to damage the equipment easily.

Pay attention to the selection of appropriate connecting signal wire:

For a sound equipment, if we can connect it with XLR XLR balance line, we should not use TRS balance line; if we can connect it with TRS balance line, we should not use TS mono unbalanced line; if there is no way, we can use TS mono unbalanced line to connect it.

Pay attention to the reverse phase and short circuit of the signal:

The short circuit of signal wire often causes sound silent fault, which is very troublesome to check. Unless one signal wire is removed and tested with a multimeter, special care shall be taken when welding the wire to ensure that the welding joint is firm and free of faulty welding.

Note the length of the signal line:

When connecting equipment, try to use a shorter signal line to save cost and reduce line resistance and interference. Under normal circumstances, the signal line with balanced transmission mode can be as long as 300 meters or so, while the non balanced line cannot be used for long-distance transmission.

Pay attention to the level of audio equipment:

If there are + 4 and - 10 or - 20 level switches on the rear panel of the equipment, we should normally place them in the + 4 position, which is the standard level.

Pay attention to the direct connection of the equipment:

Many devices have a bypass key, which generally does not work when passing through, so we should pay attention to check this key, or if we let the pressure limiter pass through do not work, the equipment behind the pressure limiter will lose its protection function.

Caution misoperation:

Because there are many stage audio equipment and buttons, it is easy to misoperate. For example, there is a "x 10" button on some electronic frequency dividers. Please do not press it easily. For example, if our frequency division point is adjusted to 200Hz, pressing this button 200 × 10 will become 2000Hz, so we must avoid misoperation