PA System Speaker

Output Power:20W+20W Stereo
Power Supply:AC100/220V,50/60Hz
Input:1*AUX RCA
Output:8-Ohms to passive speaker
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Product Details

PRODUCTS NAME:20W 2 way PA system speaker for wall mounted

PA system speaker

Note : Use only the supplied Passive unit with this Active unit !!



Model :

170.175, 170.176

Power Max.

2x 100W

Power RMS

2x 30W


8 Ohm

Freq. Range

20Hz ‐ 20kHz

THD at 1kHz

Less than 1%

S/N ratio

> 80 dB


‐10d B (245mV) 5k Ohms


248 x 186 x 164 mm each


3kg each

Power Supply

220 – 240 Vac / 50 Hz



· Hearing damage:

This PA system speakers are easily generating high sound pressure levels (SPL) sufficient to cause permanent hearing damage to performers, production crew and audience members. Care should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to SPL in excess of 85 dB.

· Make sure that the amplifier is switched off when the speaker box is connected or disconnected.

· The box must be installed by a qualified technician who has knowledge of the techniques.

· Do not overload the box to avoid damage to the PA system speakers.

· Connect the box only to a good quality amplifier:

Direct voltage at the amplifier output will damage the PA system speakers

“Clipping” (overdrive) of the amplifier can damage the woofer, tweeter and horn speaker

· Do not overload the speakers to avoid damage to the components.

· Do not place an open fire (candle, etc.) on top or next to the box - FIRE HAZARD

· For indoor use only. If the box is used outdoors, you need to make sure that no humidity can enter the box.

· Make sure that the box is placed on a stable, solid surface.

· The boxes can be stacked but do not put more than 60kg weight on the box.

· The boxes can be hung. Use only strong and approved mounting material. The installation should only be carried out by a qualified technician who has knowledge of the

techniques and regulations regarding the mounting/hanging of speaker boxes. During the mounting, make sure that nobody is standing below the mounting area.

· Use only stands which are designed to support the weight of the speaker. Do not attempt to place more than one PA system speaker on a stand designed for a single speaker.

· Do not place liquids on the box and protect it against humidity. Humidity can shorten the life time considerably.

· Only use suitable means of transportation if you want to move the box – BEWARE OF YOUR BACK!!

· If the unit is damaged to an extent that internal parts are visible, DO NOT connect the unit and DO NOT switch it on. Contact your dealer or Tronios.

· Never try to repair the unit yourself. It does not contain any user serviceable parts. All repairs must be carried out by a qualified technician.

· Set the amplifier to the lowest volume prior to switching it on.

· Keep the unit out of the reach of children.


Protect your environment. Recycle packing material whenever possible.

Do not throw a faulty unit into normal household waste but bring it to a special

collection point. A large part of it can be recycled.



First of all, check the specifications of the amplifier if it is suitable for your speaker boxes. Pay particular attention to the power rating and impedance.

Check if the amplifier is switched off. If yes, you can switch on the speakers. PLEASE NOTE! Watch the polarity (+/-). Wires of the same colour must be connected to the same sign of every side i.e. the + of the amplifier must be connected to the + of the speaker box. If the connections are inverted, the sound quality will diminish.

Only use high quality speaker cables that are suitable for the power and distance between the amplifier and the speaker.


Connection of several speakers:

When a second speaker is connected in parallel the impedance will change from 8 Ohms to 4 Ohms. Check if the amplifier can handle this. If more that two PA system speakers are connected in parallel, the impedance will go below 4 Ohms. Most of the amplifiers can’t handle this!






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