Commerical Weatherproof Horn Speaker

Model No.:H-TA
Almost of Community system, PA system to use for this Weaterproof Horn speaker, UV Proof quality of ABS plastic housing
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Product name: Commerical Weatherproof Horn Speaker


When the distance between the horn and the power

amplifier is not more than 80 meters, a fixed resis-

tance horn is required. The algorithm of the con-

nection distance is the length of the streamline

between the horn and the power amplifier, and the

fixed-resistance horn has no transformer.

Community Horn Speaker

Community Horn Speaker

Community Horn Speaker

The PEARLLER waterproof 100v horn speaker H-TA series is 10/15/30W public address system loudspeaker, it is adopt strong alumnium enclosure that resist server weather condition and place outdoor for pa system and broadcasting.Horn speaker PH-A50 is able to generate clear and brighter sound, delivers acoustic message to long distance, ideal for worship area, public park or bus stations.

Technical data




Load rating

10 W

15 W

30 W

Nominal impedance

20 ohms

20 ohms

20 ohms

Transformer tappings 

10-5-2.5-1.25 W

15-7.5-3.75-1.85 W (75V)

30-15-7.5-3.75 W(70V)

Frequency range





105 dB

106 dB

108 dB

Protection type

IP 56

IP 56

IP 56

Dimension Ø×L(mm)





ABS, RAL9013

ABS, RAL9013

ABS, RAL9013

Community Horn Speaker

Community Horn Speaker

Q1: Are you manufacturer or trade company? Where?

A: We are manufacturer.


Q2: Do you offer OEM&ODM service?

A: Yes, we do. 


Q3: What's the quality standard of your products?

A: Our products has approved CCC, ISO9001, CE, RoHS certification. 


Q4: Which place will use ITC equipment?

A: Our products are widely used in International Conference, Governments, Banks, Churches, Highways, Airports, Parliaments, Eduction institutes, Hotel, Private corporate conference hall and ect. 


Q5: What project you have done in overseas? 

A: *EXPO 2016 Antalya in Turkey

*International Airpport in Tabatinga, Brazil. 

*The 7th South China Sea International Conference in Vietnam. 

*The Subway center of Chanakyapri in New Delhi, India .

*Department of Public Works and Highway in Philippines. 

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