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This newly developed speaker is made of full metal with a steel pot-case. By the two assembly brackets ,which tighten automatically by spring action when inserting the speaker into the hole, assembling time is reduced to a minimum.
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Product Details

Product name : In Wall and ceiling speakers for commercial ceiling speaker system


Enjoy crisp, clean sound in any room of your home—without sacrificing floor or shelf space—with this pair of 6-inch round in-ceiling/wall speakers from AmazonBasics. The inconspicuous speakers blend seamlessly into any space. The high-sensitivity system provides more power at a lower wattage, and its full-frequency range works well for almost any sound staging scenario. With a minimal impedance of 8 Ohm, the two-way speakers make an excellent choice for a home theater, a hi-fi music playback PA, or various sound distribution applications.

Features as below to consider

 The two-way speaker system features an 6-inch composite woofer for accurate audio reproduction and a 1-inch high-fidelity Ring Tweeter for clear stereo separation. Both the woofer (for bass frequencies) and the tweeter (for high-end frequencies) work together to provide excellent integrated sound details with a frequency response of 55 Hz – 20kHz.


In Wall and Ceiling Speakers

In Wall and Ceiling Speakers

In Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Below for 5’ speaker enclosure size

In Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Below for 6.5’ speaker enclosure size

In Wall and Ceiling Speakers

Technical  data



Load rating

5 W

10 W

Transformer tappings at 100 v

5-2.5-1.25 W

10-5-2.5 W

Frequency range






Speaker   and Impedance

5’’ /8 ohms

6 1/2’’ /8 ohms

Dimension ¢,Install depth(max.)



Weight, Color

Appr 0.85kg, white

Appr 0.96kg, white


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