Power Amp

DCB series
•5 MIC inputs, 3 Aux inputs and 2 line inputs.
•Mic1 priority has mute-function.
•Built-in Mp3 player with blue tooth.
•1 Preamp output, 1 group of Aux Send and Aux Return.
•Main volume control, treble and bass adjusters.
•Power, signal, peak and fault indication.
•5 segments signal level indication.
•Has limiter.
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pro audio amplifier/best DJ amplifier/ indoor amplifier Power Amp



1. 2U standard  industrial chassis, ergonomic design, sophisticated technology, filling with the high-grade temperamentPower Amp;

2. 5 channels of MICs, 3 channels of audio inputs, an auxiliary audio output;

3. Forcibly cutting priority function, Mic 1 has the highest priority, the other channels have second priorities;Power Amp

4. 2 channels of Mic Line Inputs(sensitivity of MIC2/MIC3 channelline input is 775mv);

5. Mic and Aux have volume control knob and treble, bass tone control knob;

6. Amplifier output comes with four partitions, you can select the partition state;Power Amp

7. The device has a good short circuit, overheat, overload automatic detect and protect function, the indicator will light to warm, warningbuzzer will ring to alarm;

8. Linking two machines can achieve independent volume control for each channel for eight partition, as well as three machines can achieve independent volume control for each channel for twelve partition ,and so forth;Power Amp


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