High Power Amplifier

Out power:50W(RMS)
Frequency response:Mic:200Hz-18KHz Line:100HZ-18KHz
THD at 1KHz:Less than 1%
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Product Details

Product name:High power amplifier use for Desk PA amplifier for music or speech 



Features instruction:

This amplifiers aredesigned for the public address system. Features:

>All the devices of this series operate bothon220V mains power and 12V DC.

>The speakeroutputs areavailable as 100Vand 70V as well as 8 ohms low-impedance outputs.> MIC input 1 has microphone priority override.>6.35 mm Front of the signal input interface.> The amplifiers can use USB/SD card.


A.Read all documentation before operating theequipment. Retain all documentation for further reference. B.Keep far from high temperature object,damp,dense dust and powerful electromagnetic place.

C.The equipments generate some heatinusing,soleaveover 10 cmempty space at empty space atboth sides,2cmempty

space upside.

D.Always operate the equipments with the ACground wire connected to the electrical system ground.

E. Mains voltage must be correct and the same as thatprinted

on the reat of the equipment.

F. Please turn off the power switch when pulloff the power cable and signal cable or select the input mode switch. G.Neverclean the products by organification,clean it by soft


Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier

Front Panel

1,Power switch

2,SD card and USB port

3,6.35mm AUX input

4,MIC1,2 input

5,LED power indicator light

6,Long press: vol-     

   Short press: previous song


8,Long press: vol+

   Short press: next

9,AUX volume control

10,MIC1,2 volume control

Rear Panel

1,8Ω 70V and 100V output

2,DC12-24V power input

3,AC fuse socket

4,AC inlet holder

5,DC fuse socket



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