Stadium Audio Amplifier

Stadium Audio Amplifier

Caution the unit is non-water-resistant
With USB/SD MP3 player ; 110V-240V AC POWER INPUT
Short Circuit Thermal and overload Protection
1 Mic with each mic of volume controls
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Product Details

Product name: home stereo amplifier Bluetooth Wireless home stereo amplifier whole home stereo amplifier stereo amplifier for home theater mini desk amplifier

1.We adopt international supply chain.Most components are imported.Chinese-make is optional.

2.WE have rich project experience on government project,school project,conference  rooms, lecture theatres,gym,private cinema,concert and so on.

3.Free project programme can be offered as long as you tell us details

4.All the products will be tested and inspected before delivery to ensure product reliability

♣. CA series amplifier using H Class professional amplifier circuit, have several advantages like: 

efficient, stable and reliable performance.

♣. Ultra-quiet temperature control fan design, wind noise can up to lowest: 

the cooling system can adjust the speed of fan  automatically ,working with small signal,  low speed; 

while working with high power, fan speed increases automatically .

♣. After bridge, A/B Channel can control line volume at the same time.

♣. Can achieved proportional limits of power & weight, power & volume. 

Super lightweight design, made the product smaller, lighter.

♣. Superstrong load capacity, low noise.

♣. Professional zero heat blocking cooling solution.

♣. Built-in compression limiting function to ensure the system works properly, reducing distortion .

♣. XLR  balanced fully inputs, reduce noise. With XLR balanced output jack, 

several power amplifiers can be used in parallel concurrently.

♣. Suitable for use in multifunction conference room, music bar, especially for various performance occasions.



Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Front panel

1, AUX1,2 Switcher.

2, 6.35mm MIC In.

3, MIC Volume.

4, AUX Volume Control.

5, Bass Adjustment.

6, Treble Adjustment.

7, Power LED.

8, Power Switch.

Rear Panel

9, AC Cable.

10, Stereo Output.

11, AUX Output.

12, AUX1 Input.

13, AUX2 Input.

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Technical data


Output power(RMS)


Frequency response


THD at 1kHz

Less than 1%

Input sensitivity

Aux:400mV, MIC:5mV

Output interface

Stereo low-impedance output (4, 8-ohms)

Signal-to-noise ratio


Power consumption

AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions :W*H*D



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