Professional Home Audio Amplifier

Professional Home Audio Amplifier

Caution the unit is non-water-resistant
With USB/SD MP3 player ; 110V-240V AC POWER INPUT
Short Circuit Thermal and overload Protection
1 Mic with each mic of volume controls
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Product Details

Product name:Professional Home Audio Amplifier  whole home stereo amplifier stereo amplifier for home theater mini desk amplifier

The PA302N may be small in physical appearance but it will its got all the muscle you need to drive even the most demanding subwoofers to house thumping levels.
The PA302N is a Class D 25 Watts amplifier that when properly installed, runs cool under almost any load.
The PA302N features a stereo/mono line level audio input that can receive full band audio from any audio amplifier, receiver or preamp or an LFE input from an appropriately featured device.
The adjustable crossover allows fine-tuning the PA302N low frequency input setting to properly complement any full-range speakers or room conditions.
In addition the PA302N features a phase adjustment that provides sub performance optimization given the subs placement relative to the main speakers.
Finally, if you just need more thump, there is a Boost switch that will provide a 6dB boost at 40Hz...just in case you want some extra kick.
The A100 is auto-sensing so anytime an audio signal hits the PA302N inputs, the amp will instantly turn ON. The amp will also turn itself OFF after 15 minutes when no audio signal ispresent.

There is also a 12VDC Trigger that will turn the A100 ON when 12-24VDC is applied and turn the amp OFF when the voltage is removed.

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Front panel

1, AUX1,2 Switcher.

2, 6.35mm MIC In.

3, MIC Volume.

4, AUX Volume Control.

5, Bass Adjustment.

6, Treble Adjustment.

7, Power LED.

8, Power Switch.

Rear Panel

9, AC Cable.

10, Stereo Output.

11, AUX Output.

12, AUX1 Input.

13, AUX2 Input.

Home Stereo Amplifier Bluetooth

Technical data


Output power(RMS)


Frequency response


THD at 1kHz

Less than 1%

Input sensitivity

Aux:400mV, MIC:5mV

Output interface

Stereo low-impedance output (4, 8-ohms)

Signal-to-noise ratio


Power consumption

AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Dimensions :W*H*D


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