PA System USB Microphone Amplifier

ITEM No.:PA-30M/60M
1. Metal casing, Light and rugged
2. Small size, no need much space
3. With USB,FM,TF,AUX, more mode, more choice
4. With one Microphone jack ,can enjoy singing
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Product Details

PRODUCT NAME:PA system Amplifiers Support USB TF Mic Audio Power Amplifier 

Overview of the PA-30M AUDIO AMPLIFIER

We Frank Audio had focus on the home audio field for so many years.

Here we bring a new product, PA-30M,a PA system USB Microphone Amplifier with multi function.

The multi-room PA system USB Microphone Amplifier including inputs:USB,AUX and line in ,MP3 Module.

Besides above kinds of inputs for your convenience,the amplifier also with subwoofer output of cut frequency at 100-200Hz.

 Connect with your favorite passive speakers with this PA-30M PA system USB Microphone Amplifier,and just enjoy your favourite music.

It can drive a pair of stereo loudspeakers and an active subwoofer speaker, deliveing output power at 2*30 RMS at 4 ohm of class D amplifier design.

PA system USB Microphone Amplifier

PA system USB Microphone Amplifier


For the convenience of the users, the AC mains of the amplifier series is controlled by the power selector, it provide the two kinds of voltages: 110V-120V/220V-240V.

For greater operational flexibility, two Microphones can be in-serted in the amplifier, on which also have t,AUXHinputs, which can provide for the use of radio tuner, CD player and other high impedance high power input. MIC1 .MIC2.AUX are 6.35mm inputs.

The amplifier also have one RCA input or LINE IN, Mp3 playerfor USB/SD.

“MIC”,”AUX”,”MP3”,"LINE "positions are all seton volume controllers which can freely adjust the volume needed by users.

You will find it safe and reliable to use the Series; AC selector is made of insulating material and the real panel is installed with connecting ground terminal. Any other components are all considered Safety factorwhile assembling.

Front Panel Instruction

1. Power switch

2. Mp3 player control

3. USB port

4. SD port .

5. 6.35mm AUX IN


7. 6.35mm MIC1 IN

8. MIC1 volume control

9. MIC2 volume control

10. AUX/MP3 volume control

11. LINE volume control

12. BASS tone control

13. TREBLE tone control

1. AC FUSE holder.


3. DC input


> You shall hold the plug firmly to avoid the pull-out of power line and

risk occurring when you pull the power line out from AC outlet.

> The plug of power line for this unit should be pulled out from power outlet to cut down the power supply, when this unit isnot used for a long period.

> Don't touch the screw around the ventilation holes in the bottom board. When heat sink working, the screw temperature rises higher.

> IF Connecting interference takes place in source circuit, THD will be more than 10%.

> Surface with a minimum distance of 1m from the back or side plate to the wall and. rot in the following environments of cases: Moist place; Under direct radiation of sunlight or other strong heat radiation; No air ventilation; To prevent the risk of fire or electrical shock, never expose this equipment to rain or dampness.

> Check if the power supply is being shut down, the power line is pulled out from outlet and other lines connecting this unit are also disconnected.

> Don't disassemble and repair the unit by yourself, otherwise if may induce electric shock or fires. If you can't remedy any occurred trouble according to the methods described in the last of this manual, you must call a qualified technician or consult with our company, A forced using if may cause electric shock or fires.


Microphone Sensitivity: -55dB±2dB

Aux. CD Sensitivity:-20dB±2dB


DISTORTION: less than 1% (at 1KHz 1 watts output)

Signal/Noise Ratio: More than -55dB

Hum or Nosie level: 50mv

Tone Control Response: 150Hz±10dB; 1K±10dB; 6K±10dB

Puncture Voltage at 5mA, 5Sec: 3750V

Speaker outputs: 4.8.16ohms 100V

Dimensions: 320(W)*190(D)*80(H)mm

Weight: 5Kgs




Three microphone inputs are provided. They used with unbalanced low impedance (30 - 600 ohms ) microphone. The microphone with the unbalanced connection cable of 10-20m may be used depending on the microphone and its characteristic.


There THREE microphone inputs are unbalanced type and are provided with a double pole jack.


A radio tuner, tape player, chime, mixer pre amplifier, compact disk player or other high level input sources may be connected to the LINE inputs.



The amplifier may be used in conjunction with a speaker rated at 4,8,16ohms or with 70,100-volt constant-voltage speaker systems.

Low impedance speaker output: 4,8,16ohm(balanced).

70, 100-Volts speaker output(balanced).

PA system USB Microphone Amplifier

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