Decoder Sound Amplifier

Decoder Sound Amplifier

It is an innovative and delicated wireless sound streamer
which is able to turn your current speakers,
soundbars and home theatre speaker into a wireless multi-room
sound system by connecting to your home Wifi Network.
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WICASTamp - WIFI WALL PLAYER amplifier  

1 - Introduction 

WICASTplay is an innovative wireless audio amplifier that can transform your  

current speakers into a multi-zone sound system by connecting to your home  

WI-FI network. 

The MUZO Player app for iOS and Android offers the easiest and most user.

friendly experience for streaming music and installing a multi-room audio system.

 WICASTplay also offers some of the most powerful playback options, allowing  

you to play synchronized music or multiple types of music from your mobile  

phone, online music services or home media storage with impressive sound  

quality in multiple zones. 

2 - Package content 

-The WICASTamp

 -1 x DC 15V adapter 

-1 x stereo 3.5 male Jack / 3.5 male Jack 

-The user guide

Wall player amplifier

Wall player amplifier

4 - Starting and behaviour of the indicator light 

When the power is turned on, the LED flashes green. When the WICASTplay is  ready this indicator stops flashing. When using a USB media, this indicator lights up blue. When using a micro SD card, this indicator lights up red. 5 - Download the MUZO Player application The MUZO player application is available on Google Play and Apple Store  platforms. Below are the download links for each platform.

Wall player amplifier

Q: All the lines are connected, but there is no sound output?
  A: 1. Check if the POWER indicator is on. After the power button is pressed, the indicator still does not light. At this time, you can find an equivalent voltage output (must be 5V) in the test to judge the machine failure or power failure. If the POWER indicator is on, check if the corresponding input signal is selected correctly.
2. If the above two points are checked or no sound, check if the VOL knob is in the minimum state, such as clockwise rotation in the minimum state;
3. If both of the above are normal, check if the playback device of the input source is paused, muted, or the volume is at its minimum. Q: Why is the sound broken?
  A: Although this product is a DAC decoder, it can also be used as a pre-stage product. It has amplifying effect. If the volume of the rear-end device is adjusted to the maximum and the pre-stage is also adjusted to the maximum, it is easy to be distorted. You only need to turn down the volume of the front or back level.
Q: Why does the speaker have a large current sound?
  A: If you are not using the original standard power supply, please replace the power supply before testing. A lot of power supply in the market has a large interference coefficient, which will cause a large current sound.
Q: Why do I not play the sound source after I plug in the input cable, and the speaker will have a loud beep?
  A: When the unshielded signal line is used, the interference signal will enter the amplifier for amplification. If you hate this sound, you are advised to replace the shielded signal line or unplug the signal line.
Q: Can the headphone output connector be connected to a microphone?
  A: No, the headphone jack is a signal output interface, not an input interface.
Q: Why is the volume of the machine unchanged, and the sound source is different when accessing different audio sources (such as connecting the CD first and then changing to the mobile phone)?
  A: The amplitude of the output signal of different playback devices is different. For example, the mobile phone is usually 0.35MV, and the CD is 1V. The natural sound size is different.
Q: Why is there no sound after the PC-USB is connected to the PC?
  A: First press the PC-USB operation to confirm whether the digital playback output is selected. If there is still no sound after selecting it, you can restart the computer and repeat the operation.
Q: Why are lines plugged in, but there is no sound in the RCA analog output?
  A: At this time, you should check whether the headphone output is plugged into the earphone, or plug in the earphone adapter. If you plug it in, you need to unplug the earphone or adapter to simulate the RCA output. 


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